Always Safe, Forever Secure

The motto of GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd (GPIS) accurately depicts the serious view that it takes of its role within the Total Defence Framework of Singapore. As one of the fastest growing security agencies in the country, GPIS takes its responsibilities as part of the Civil Defence component of Total Defence with utmost priority. The agency not only understands the need to keep the people and properties under its protection safe, but also promises to keep them secure on a consistent and continuous basis, working tirelessly around the clock, so that those under its charge may sleep at ease.

Since 2011, the GPIS Brand has been delivering on that promise as it has secured and kept safe from harm, numerous facilities, personnel and gatherings. Its track record boasts an impressive array of clients from differing backgrounds such as commercial, residential, industrial and institutions of education and governance. On top of this, the agency also provides VIP protection services, events security services, security audits, security surveys and provision of integrated security systems as part of its repertoire of services to the national defence of Singapore.

The customer-centric agency gives each client specialised attention and contextualises its service based on their needs while never faltering from meeting the high standards of service it sets for itself. As the industry evolves to become more service-centric, the company has risen to the challenge of striking the perfect balance between displaying the rigidity required in security while at the same time, servicing its clients with a smile.

The company also treats its ground officers with the same level of dedication that it gives its clients, caring for each individual officer’s safety, well-being, happiness, training and career progression, in order to produce conducive workplaces with a well-trained, loyal and vibrant security officers at every level.

As a thriving security agency, GPIS is motivated to not only uphold the discipline, standards and rigour befitting the security industry, but also committed to ensuring the longevity of the security industry. Thus, the company actively promotes the addition of youth within the security industry to add on to its experienced protection force at every level of its organisation. This strategy has allowed the agency to stand out amongst the rest of the field and it shows in its achievement of numerous recognitions and awards such as an ‘A’ grading in the PLRD grading exercise of 2017, ISO 9001:2008 certification, Bizsafe Star certification and the Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour Award under the Top 100 Elite and Trustworthy SMEs category.

The fact that GPIS has notched up so many accolades despite being a young company, is telling that it has a bright future ahead of it and is poised to become a force to be reckoned with in the security industry, keeping its clients and stakeholders, Always Safe, Forever Secure.