GPIS Pinned with the Medal of Honour

GATES PCM Integrated Services has once again breached new heights by attaining its first nationally recognised award: The Singapore Enterprise Medal of Honour 2018.

The Singapore Enterprise Association, which promotes entrepreneurial activities with the goal of seeing local SMEs achieve success on a global scale, organises these awards on a yearly basis to recognise SMEs, who have attained business excellence and produced a solid brand name for themselves within their various industries. This award being conferred to GPIS, recognises the company as one of the Top 100 Elite and Trustworthy SMEs in Singapore.

In previous editions, the award has been conferred to elite brand names such as Foodpanda Singapore, Pere Ocean and Comfort amongst others. GPIS joins the ranks of these luminaries, with the achievement of this award, showing itself to have grown into a company that embodies high standards of business excellence and service quality.

The attainment of such a prestigious award from a recognised association is indeed a milestone for GPIS in its growth path and shows just how far the company has progressed in just a few years according to Director of GPIS, Mr. Dexter Allan.

“Achieving this award is no doubt a sign that our company has become an established entity in the eyes of the entrepreneurial community. It gives our clients, both current and future, the confidence that our service is reliable and unrelenting and that both our front line and support personnel and systems are some of the best the industry can offer.”

This award serves as the first of many future awards and achievements for the fast rising GATES PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd.

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