As an approved licensed security agency accredited by the Police Licensing Regulatory Department (PLRD), Gates PCM Integrated Services Pte Ltd (GPIS) offers a TOTAL SECURITY solution. From securing properties, events and personal protection, we know what it takes to keep what our clients value, always safe and forever secure.

The following are the wide range of services that we offer:

Unarmed (Protection Officers) Security

  • Patrolling and guarding of clients’ personnel and properties
  • Access control management
  • Static security
  • Screening of vehicles/ visitors
  • Traffic and crowd management

Executive protection

We can provide you with security when you need to travel, attend VIP meetings from one place to another. We provide personal security for our clients who are at risk due to their wealth and stature or due to a direct threat. Our highly skilled EPs will escort you to their destinations securely, keeping any risk at bay.

Cash and valuables management

Protecting what’s valuable to you is the top priority for us. We do this by providing thorough coverage and surveillance systems for your cash, valuables and storage facilities. Our team of experienced, well-trained and dependable officers are always at hand to safeguard what matters to you most.

Security Survey

We provide security surveys to identify weakness and strength, risks and threats of a premises, buildings or processes. Recommendations will be provided by our professional surveyors for the security of the premises/buildings etc. to always be updated with the current trend of security.

Events Security

We provide ad-hocs officers for events security with a track record of handling events such as F1, Government events, IT events, Air shows, Exhibitions, etc.

Systems Integrations

To meet the specific security needs of our clients, we can customise integrated security solutions through an effective mix of personnel and use of technology-based security systems. Our business alliances and strategic partnership with specialists enable us to provide, customise, commission and maintain cost-effective solutions.