24-Hour Surveillance & Integrated Central Command Centre

Our dedicated and watchful surveillance and command centre serves as the nerve centre of our security solutions to all sites. As the centre which monitors, responds to emergencies and maintains the standards of service at all sites protected by the company, the centre is capable of collecting information on attendance, clocking, patrolling, incidents and response to incidents, etc.

Through these capabilities, the command centre is able to keep abreast of the situations on all sites, escalate the response to these situations appropriately and also provide an additional layer of assurance that services are carried out to the satisfaction of clients and the management of GPIS.

Through regular checks on the ground and video surveillance, GPIS’ 24-Hour Surveillance and Command Centre assures GPIS’s clients that there is a dual layered 24-hour protection given to all sites, doubly ensuring that every life and property under the company’s care is, ‘Always Safe, Forever Secure’

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