Integrated Security Systems

Physical security has surpassed the times of sole reliance on trained officers. Today, security has reached the era of technology and processes, where an integrated security system is in place to provide a holistic enhanced and strong security solution.

GPIS is at the forefront of providing such solutions, capable of ensuring that the persons and assets under the security agency’s care are protected through a combination of officer presence, technological surveillance and methodologies and processes that direct the security processes.

Through such integrated security systems in place, GPIS is able to bring the physical security of its clients into the new era with solutions that are in line with the highest technology sophistication and assurance that the market has to offer.

Some of our latest solutions include: Analytical CCTVs, Remote Patrolling, Robot Patrolling, Video Forensic Search, Visitor Management Systems, License Plate Recognition Systems, Personnel Entry Kiosks coupled with turnstiles, Personnel Mobility Systems and many more.

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