Protection Services for Buildings & Institutions

Our trained and vigilant security officers, our systems and our technology, are essential in our 24-hour protection to our clients. Through the execution of our security functions to detect, deny, delay, deter and respond, our officers, supported by the operations team of GPIS, we ensure that the lives and property under our care are safe and secure from harm and threat.

Having established a strong track record in this area, GPIS has amassed the experience of protecting buildings and institutions of diverse natures such as commercial, industrial, residential, academic institutions, research institutions, etc.

Such a track record is made possible by our effective training of our officers, implementing state of the art technology and systems, to ensure that GPIS is equipped and ready to fulfil the requirements of our clients and their facilities. On top of this, we also ensure that we deploy the right technology, equipment and methodologies, which are site-specific, to support our officers.

Our technological capabilities include Analytical CCTVs, Remote Patrolling, Robot Patrolling, Video Forensic Search, Visitor Management Systems, License Plate Recognition Systems, Personnel Entry Kiosks coupled with turnstiles, Personnel Mobility Systems and many more, through an integrated technology platform. These, together with our operational and 24-hour inhouse integrated central command centre support given to all our sites, ensure the buildings and institutions we protect experience a holistic security service that is able to live up to its promise of keeping them, ‘Always Safe, Forever Secure.’

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